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Ulaanbaatar winter festival to take place for the 6th year




The Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival will take place on February 16-17. Officials report that this year’s festival will be co-organized by the Tourism Department of the Capital City and Sky Resort Ski Complex.

During the festival, national championships for traditional games, including ice archery and ice anklebone shooting will take place besides various activities, such as ice climbing, dog sledding, snowboard and tug of war, as well as hot meals be served to the public.

Previously, a total of over 20 athletes from China and Russia participated in the ice archery and ice anklebone shooting championships. The Tourism Department of the Capital City aims to make the festival a grand-scale international event that attracts tourists during the winter season.


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On November 27, 2020, the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University held an international scientific-methodical conference “PHILOLOGY, LINGUVODIDACTICS AND TRANSLATION: CURRENT ISSUES AND DEVELOPMENT TENDENCES”.
The conference was attended by qualified and experienced specialists from near and far abroad and from universities of the country.
The conference began with a welcoming speech for the participants by the dean of the Faculty, Professor B.U. Zholdasbekova.
Various scientific articles in the field of translation studies, philology, and linguistics were discussed at the international conference. Scientists tried to identify ways and directions for the development of translation studies, expressed their views. The relevance and importance of each article was determined and a lively discussion took place.
It should be noted that the professors of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation organized an online seminar on “FEATURES OF ETHNOCULTURAL VARIABILITY IN LANGUAGE, LITERATURE AND TRANSLATION” from 16 to 27 November. Professors E.D. Suleimenova, S.A. Ashimkhanova, Zh.D. Dadebaev, T.O. Esembekov, A.S. Tarak and associate professors M.M. Aimagambetova, S.D. Seidenova, L.Zh. Musaly, G.Sh. Akimbekova, G.K.Kazybek K.K., Kenzhekanova delivered lectures to the audience and shared their experiences.

“A person who is not inspired by translation, who does not enjoy the image, who does not write with the blood of the heart, cannot create a world that will last in his native language for a long time,” – said T. Alimkulov. It means that translation is both fascinating and challenging branch of science. Therefore, being a translator is a difficult task which never loses its responsibility and importance, which became a topical issue in the work of this conference, which in turn shows that today the interest in the profession of translator is growing. This is gratifying.
At the end of the conference, a collection of articles and certificates were given to participants. The head of the department, associate professor M.M. Aimagambetova thanked the participants of the traditional annual conference and wished them creative success.
Associate professors of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages G.K. Kazybek, K.K. Kenzhekanova

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Mongolia engaged in trade worth USD 8.9 billion with China



KAZNEWS – In 2019, Mongolia’s trade with China reached USD 8.9 billion which accounts for the 64.4 percent of the total foreign trade turnover and 89.1 percent of the total export.

Coal export made up 44.4 percent of the total exports to China, while 26.4 percent was copper concentrate. Gold exports accounted for 77.5 percent of goods exported to the United Kingdom, 76.7 percent of export to Singapore and 98.9 percent of the goods exported to Switzerland.

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My Life at Al-Farabi KAZNU



My Life at Al-Farabi KAZNU

Divakar Singh Gurjar, India

A.K.Akhmedova, Department of Language and

general education of foreigners, Faculty of Pre-university Education

It’s indeed a great pleasure writing about my time and experience while at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University previously be called as Kazakh State University – located in the City of Almaty in Republic of Kazakhstan – in short also called as KAZNU, and from hereon I will refer the same as KAZNU.

My name is Diwakar. I live in the City of Jaipur in Republic of India. I attended and successfully completed 6-months’ Intensive Course (Jan.’19-June’19) in Russian Language at the Faculty of Pre-University Education in KAZNU. This period of time is one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Before coming to Kazakhstan for attending the course as stated above at KAZNU, I had heard in detail about KAZNU University and the city of Almaty from two persons who were known to my father. They had attended some other Medical University in Almaty and so they were quite familiar with the place and the Educational Institutions there, this perception was quite natural. After this, I searched for myself throughout the internet and found that KAZNU is one of the Best Universities in Kazakhstan having a Good Rank among the ”Rankings of the Best Universities in World”. The second factor, why I chose KAZNU university in Kazakhstan for studying Russian Language and not some other university e.g. in Russia, is that during my College Graduation, I had studied about Geography of Asia and so I got some knowledge about the Geography of Kazakhstan. And, thus it was then I got convinced that Kazakhstan is a very beautiful country with a comparatively smaller population while the City of Almaty is the most beautiful and modern city of Kazakhstan. Also the fact that Indian Culture and Kazakh Culture has a lot of similarity in contrast to Western Culture. Thus, having all these factors in my mind, I decided to take admission in KAZNU.

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National SAMBO Championships was held from 15 to 17 of January in the capital of Mongolia – the city of Ulaanbaatar. Within the framework of the tournament, the 49th national championships in sport SAMBO among men, the 23rd among women and the 11th in combat SAMBO took place. Following the results of the fights, the winners of the competitions were determined, and candidates were selected to play for the national team of Mongolia at international tournaments.

Results of the Mongolian SAMBO Championships 2019


48 kg

1. G. Narantsetseg

2. D. Sarantuyaa

3. B. Oidovchimed

3. G. Bürneebayar

52 kg

1. E. Gerelmaa

2. B. Baasankhüü

3. E. Badamgarav

3. Ya. Dulamjav

56 kg

1. Ch. Azzayaa

2. L. Ninjin

3. B. Khorloo

3. A. Namuundalai

60 kg

1. L. Enkhriilen

2. T. Möngöntuyaa

3. L. Delgermaa

3. Ts. Nomin

64 kg

1. B. Gankhaich

2. B. Baasanjargal

3. Ts. Sünjidmaa

3. G. Mönkhzul

68 kg

1. Ts. Battsetseg

2. B. Khongorzul

3. M. Davaasüren

3. B. Dolgorlkham

72 kg

1. S. Lkhagvadulam

2. Ts. Enkhchimeg

3. B. Ganzayaa

3. A. Oyuungerel

80 kg

1. N. Nyamtuyaa

2. B. Erdenet-Od

3. D. Delgerdari

3. B. Sainbuyan

+80 kg

1. B. Mönkhtuyaa

2. E. Gandiimaa

3. N. Baljinnyam

3. G. Sarangoo


52 kg

1. G. Mönkhbat

2. D. Altankhuyag

3. D. Batbayar

3. A. Khatansaikhan

57 kg

1. Ch. Maral-Erdene

2. D. Bükhchuluun

3. B. Tsogt-Ochir

3. Sh. Erdenebaatar

62 kg

1. L. Önöbold

2. L. Sumiyaa

3. M. Togtokhbayar

3. P. Altanbagana

68 kg

1. D. Tömörkhüleg

2. R. Altannaran

3. D. Altansükh

3. L. Ankhzayaa

74 kg

1. N. Khadbaatar

2. B. Batbold

3. B. Darkhanbaatar

3. B. Pürevdavaa

82 kg

1. B. Gaajadamba

2. O. Uuganbaatar

3. E. Tümennast

3. G. Odbayar

90 kg

1. Kh. Tsagaanbaatar

2. N. Baatarkhüü

3. E. Mönkhbayasgalan

3. B. Ganbayar

100 kg

1. B. Syerik

2. G. Tüvshinjargal

3. B. Tüvshintögs

3. D. Tserennyam

+100 kg

1. D. Pürevdorj

2. E. Enkhbat

3. B. Sugarjargal

3. Kh. Tsogtgerel

Combat SAMBO

52 kg

1. B. Ganbayar

2. B. Mönkhbat

3. B. Ölziibayar

3. T. Badam

57 kg

1. N. Togtokhbayar

2. G. Bayandüüren

3. M. Mönkhbat

3. E. Khishigdorj

62 kg

1. Ts. Tögsbold

2. O. Batbayar

3. J. Odsüren

3. N. Ser-Od

68 kg

1. L. Buyankhishig

2. Kh. Batkhüree

3. G. Bat-Orgil

3. D. Nyamsüren

74 kg

1. N. Otgonbaatar

2. E. Davaabayar

3. G. Ochirsükh

3. B. Otgonbayar

82 kg

1. D. Batsümberel

2. N. Mönkh-Erdene

3. N. Erdene-Undrakh

3. D. Altangerel

90 kg

1. B. Tengis

2. D. Erkhembayar

3. T. Bayarsaikhan

3. B. Ganbayar

100 kg

1. G. Uuganbayar

2. Ts. Tümendemberel

3. B. Mönkhragchaa

3. E. Shirnen

+100 kg

1. B. Önörjargal

2. Ch. Bulgankhüü

3. P. Idersaikhan

3. S. Pürev-Ochir

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Армысыздар, ардақты ағайын! Құрметті отандастар! Қазақстан Республикасының Тұңғыш Президенті – Елбасы Нұрсұлтан Әбішұлы Назарбаевтың Жарлығымен 5 жылдан бері айрықша құрметпен...

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